TTC 30XS or TTC 48XS – CANopen Safety Training I/O Module

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This seminar is intended for manufacturers who want to integrate TTControl’s TTC 30XS or TTC 48XS safety I/O module into their system. The focus of this seminar is the implementation of a safety I/O module to TTControl’s programmable controller and its configuration.


  • Understanding hardware characteristics of TTControl’s safety I/O modules
  • Understanding the principle of CANopen and CANopen Safety
  • Understanding how to develop applications using CODESYS in combination with CANopen


  • Knowledge of controller basics
  • Knowledge of CODESYS or C
  • Basic knowledge of CAN communication



  • Characteristics of inputs and outputs of I/O modules
  • Communication interfaces of I/O modules
  • Differences between specific variants
  • Safety concept of the controller
  • Installing the programming environment
  • Use of inputs, outputs, and communication channels within the
  • programming environment
  • Configuration of a CANopen safety I/O module using a TTControl master controller
  • Download and debug applications


  • One day (approx. two hours of theory plus approx. five hours of programming)

Training Code

  • TTC_IOXS_01

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