Applications for municipal vehicles by TTControl

Municipal vehicles are one of the focus areas of TTControl, and many different applications have already been implemented with our hardware in this field. From street-cleaning to fire-fighting, the applications are typically challenging, and as they are being operated in public areas, functional safety is often an important consideration. Since TTControl offers controllers with a multitude of inputs and outputs that can flexibly be configured, most applications can be controlled with a cost-efficient combination of ECUs and/or I/O modules. Sometimes a solution that is built around a high-performance master controller like HY-TTC 540 or the operator interface HY-eVision² is ideal, in other cases a more distributed approach with several HY-TTC 90 or HY-TTC 60 (if functional safety is not a requirement) is chosen. Customers benefit from a flexible, modular architecture that is easy to implement across whole vehicle families, i.e., premium vehicles use more of our electronics, while reusing programs developed for related products that are more basic.

For example, Germany’s LADOG, well known for its efficient narrow-gauge vehicles, wanted to use a future-proof direct drive in one of its product families. TTControl and HYDAC built a solution for them based on the TUeV-certified HY-TTC 90. Starting with a comprehensive hazard and risk analysis, the joint team took an innovative concept from testing with hardware in the loop to the final software implementation.

Other Projects & References