Work Environment

Values That Unite Us

Values That Unite Us

Choose TTControl for a good reason. Discover the values that we prioritise and which shape our unique corporate culture. Find out how our employees interact with each other, why they are proud to work with us and what creates our strong team sprint.

TTControl Values

    Make employees responsible and trust them
    As a team we create an exciting work environment
    Focus on developing simple, scalable and profitable solutions
    Entrepreneurship and innovation are our key drivers for success
    Adhere to the highest standards in everything we do
    Start and end with the customer's benefit in mind


Training & Development - Your Expertise is Our Greatest Asset

Pioneering breakthroughs occur when excellent background knowledge meets good ideas. Thus, the systematic training and further development of our employees is a key aspect for us.

Your thematic expertise is of course of the utmost importance to us. But just as important is your ability to set the right priorities at the right time and to pull in the same direction as your colleagues. That's why we want you to continue to develop both professionally and personally with us. We offer the opportunity to develop both your technical and business expertise as a complement to your cross-cutting skills in the methodological, social or entrepreneurial areas.

This creates a real win-win situation: Every single employee can develop professionally and personally, which simultaneously ensures the availability of superbly qualified experts who have grown to meet the challenges they face.

We of course also support our employees indirectly as well, as in the case of support for PhD program or through mentoring programs for beginners, which ensures rapid familiarization in terms of both professional and social aspects. Furthermore, with our principle of job rotation we support and promote changes in outlook and awaken dormant potential.

Health and Well-Being

We want you to feel happy and at home with us. The health of the minds, bodies and souls of our employees is important to us. Medical care and counselling on health issues, such as in the form of consultations with physicians, vaccinations and stress testing, are of course offered on site. These services are complemented by sporting activities and special seminars focusing on health and wellbeing. In addition, we provide our employees with fair trade coffee and organic apples.

Flexibility & Work-Life Balance

Each of us has different needs. With our flexible working time model, we allow you to take responsibility for and tailor your working schedule to suit your requirements, thereby ensuring that the desired balance is achieved by each individual employee. With us you can for example start the day later and stay longer, or vice-versa. Thus, private appointments can easily be integrated into professional life.

Part-time work is also possible in certain situations. We help you in such cases to adapt your workload to your specific needs, while still offering the same support and opportunities.

In addition, we are keen to ensure that staff can balance their family and career needs, as you can only focus on professional challenges when you know that all is well with your family.  The requirements placed on you by your family responsibilities should not affect your career prospects. We are very happy to assist in clarifying issues relating to maternity and paternity leave.

Diversity & Equal Opportunities

TTControl unites people with different origins, languages and ways of thinking. This diversity is our greatest asset and the driving force behind the innovations of tomorrow. We are convinced that this diversity helps us to better respond to the needs of our customers and thus gives us a decisive competitive advantage.

Staff Events

Joint participation in sports and recreational events is something that is as important to us as the continuous improvement of our team spirit. We are therefore permanent fixtures at a number of different events – such as the Vienna City Marathon and the Business Run. We take great pleasure from the active participation of our employees.

Regular team days help colleagues to get to know one another and promotes team building. These events also serve as platforms for discussing strategically relevant topics and exchanging opinions.

The monthly staff birthday breakfasts provide an ideal forum to discuss matters with colleagues from other areas and to interact with them on both professional and private levels.