High-Performance Control Unit for Safety-Critical TTP-Based Applications

September 01, 2004

TTControl expands its product line with a new innovative control unit. TTC 200 is the first unit worldwide suitable for commercial production that supports both CAN and the Time-Triggered Protocol (TTP®). This control unit fulfills all technical requirements for advanced automotive electronics in the area of off-highway vehicles. TTC 200 can be used as a stand-alone solution or as part of a networked system in safety-critical applications.

As with all other units of the TTC series, TTC 200 is a programmable electronic control unit for sensor/actuator management. Many configurable I/Os allow its use with different sensor and actuator types. The control unit is designed specifically for vehicles and machines that function in rough environments and at extreme operating temperatures of -40 °C to +85 °C. Its robust injection-molded aluminum housing protects against electromagnetic disturbance and mechanical stress. A 40 MHz Motorola MPC555 integrated microprocessor supplies the necessary processing power.

All TTC 200 inputs and outputs are protected against electrical surges and short circuits. The proportional hydraulic components can be controlled by PWM outputs with internal power measuring or outputs for hydraulic valves with integrated power stages. CAN, TTP, RS-232 and LIN / TTP/A / ISO-K are available for serial communication. TTC 200 was designed to comply with the IEC 61508 international standard. The stand-alone version and the network version with TTP fulfill SIL 2 (Safety Integrity Level) and SIL 3 requirements respectively.

The TTPMatlink library for MATLAB®/ Simulink® and an I/O library are available for TTC 200. These enable the rapid automatic code generation for the application software without manual coding and are fully integrated with the TTP tool chain. The TTPTools software development environment provides easy and intuitive data transmission over the redundant TTP bus. The software is downloaded via TTP into the flash memory of the TTC 200.

Electronic control units have become very complex. Failures can endanger people and cause economic damage. This is why safety, reliability, and availability become more and more important in technical systems. TTP is designed specifically for networks that require a high level of safety, reliability, and availability. With its inherent support for TTP, TTC 200 is suited for use in networked, safety-critical systems.