15 Years of TTControl

In 2001, TTControl, a joint venture of HYDAC International and TTTech, began designing and manufacturing control units that boast the highest reliability, efficiency and flexibility. Today, the company is a leading full-service supplier of control systems and HMIs for mobile machines with locations in Vienna, Austria and Brixen, Italy.

Over the course of the last 15 years, TTControl has gained broad experience regarding commercial production projects in the domain of electronic control systems for mobile machines that rely on their equipment to function under the most difficult conditions. TTControl has become a leading provider for functional safety.

Solutions for Changing Markets
The requirements have increased during the last years: mobile machinery and off-highway vehicles have to become more and more intelligent due to an increase in automation and computerized controls, demanding maximum reliability of electronics and at the same time withstanding harsh conditions in various application fields. TTControl has understood these needs and adopted its solutions to that effect.

TTControl is confidently looking into the future to provide solutions for trending topics like autonomous driving for mobile machinery and the Internet of Things. On the occasion of this 15th anniversary, TTControl would like to thank its customers, partners and employees for their contribution to our success story.