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Electronic Control Units

Electronic Control Units

Designed for the demanding work environment of off-highway vehicles and mobile machinery

To ensure a maximum level of reliability, all devices were tested under extremely harsh conditions. The electronic circuits are well protected by a compact, automotive-style aluminum pressure die-cast housing. 
Several ECUs can be interconnected via CAN bus to form a network. The units are programmed either in C or in CODESYS® and are even compatible with HYDAC's software suite MATCH for an extra boost in your efficiency. 

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I/O Modules

I/O Modules

Easy solutions for extending the number of I/Os in mobile applications 

Our I/O modules are CANopen®-based, cost-effective, modular and user-friendly solutions to easily increase the number of inputs and outputs. The variants available in our I/O module portfolio are best suited for different kinds of control tasks in a vehicle and act as slave units in a CAN-based network architecture.

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Visualization/ HMI

Displays / HMIs

Assisting the operator with optimized visualization of all necessary parameters

Our display portfolio, including our latest Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) generation Vision 3, sets new standards with maximum resolution, programmability with CODESYS® 3.x, and advanced user experience.

Our displays assist the driver with optimized visualization of in-vehicle parameters like speed, temperature and sensor data in real-time.

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Telematics & Connectivity

Telematics & Connectivity

A plug-and-play solution to connect your machines to the cloud

Connect your machines to TTControl’s cloud platform using TTConnect Wave. The TTConnect Cloud Service management platform offers true plug-and-play functionality and allows you to monitor and manage your vehicles and fleets with an unrivaled out-of-the-box experience. 

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Fusion with a tractor

Computing Platforms

Supporting your shift from hardware to software defined-machinery

Computing platforms with "Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the edge" are revolutionizing industries, from precision agriculture to municipal services and further. By integrating AI and machine learning, these platforms optimize functions, enhance assistance systems, and improve vehicle operations.

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