HY-TTC-32S now available with PL d certification

The HY-TTC 32S safety-certified ECU from TTControl is now available with EN 13849 PL d safety certification. The HY-TTC-32S PL d product variant will replace the previous HY-TTC-32S PL c variant in TTControl’s product offering.

The HY-TTC 32S controller is the safety certified variant of HY-TTC 32 featuring the same processor and the same number of I/Os. In addition to the HY-TTC 32 ECU, it complies with the ISO 13849 international standard and is now designed to provide the necessary base for applications subject to certification for Performance Level (PL) d. The compact control unit was specifically developed for use in cost-sensitive applications or smaller machines.

More information on the product and the updated datasheet for download can be found here.