HY-TTC 500 ECUs now with SAFERTOS® integration for new levels of robustness

The HY-TTC 500 product family is now available with SAFERTOS® integration. With this improvement, the ECUs provide higher levels of robustness and responsiveness for customer applications such as construction and agricultural machines. It also allows for faster response to safety events due to SAFERTOS®’ run-time performance.

The integration of SAFERTOS® greatly improves the traditional way of designing and writing an ECU application by allowing the split of the main loop user application into multiple working tasks. The safety application is now able to respond to real-time events and to handle other tasks in the background while waiting for the next event to happen. The HY-TTC 500 ECU family is now safety-certified according to SIL 2/IEC 61508 and PL d/ISO 13849 , based on SAFERTOS®. Derived from the widely known FreeRTOS functional model, SAFERTOS® was redesigned for safety-critical implementation and is safety pre-certified.

Besides integrating SAFERTOS® into the HY-TTC 500 ECU family, TTControl also extended the real-time OS specific functionality with control application specific features. Functionality now includes run-time separation into safe- and non-safe tasks. A monitoring concept ensures the timely execution of all tasks. Each application task can hold the ownership of any HY-TTC 500 I/O port used (but only one application task at a time for any output port).

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