ISO 13849 Certification for Our HY-TTC 90 ECU

TTControl has successfully achieved the certification of the general purpose controller HY-TTC 90 according to the two main global standards for functional safety. Now the HY-TTC 90 can be used in applications that require either certification in line with IEC 61508 or the newer ISO 13849 standard. With the latter, this controller is also in full compliance with the current EU machinery directive 2006/42/EC.

TTControl has worked together with TUeV Nord in the development of the HY-TTC 90. The TUeV Nord Cert GmbH, Essen certified that – independent of the application – the HY-TTC 90, if used in a category 2 electronic architecture according to ISO 13849, reaches a “mean time to dangerous failure” of 66 years, which together with the required “diagnostic coverage” gives a “Performance Level d”. On the same certificate it is confirmed that a single HY-TTC 90 controller ensures Safety Integrity Level 2 per ISO 61508 with a “probability of failure per hour” of only 2.5 * 10-7. However, these are generic values, and the HY-TTC 90 can reach even higher indicators for reliability and safety monitoring within a specific application that uses only a certain subset of its total of 48 inputs and outputs.

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