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TTControl has recently received ISO 26262 certification from TÜV Nord for its software development processes. Vehicles using application software developed by TTControl thus meet the process requirements for a high level of road safety up to Automotive Safety Integrity Level D (ASIL D). Vehicle manufacturers, therefore, have to invest significantly less time and effort in the certification process for mobile machinery. ISO 26262 compliance is mandatory for vehicle control unit functions for example for municipal vehicles, trucks and busses.

"As our electronic control units have been certified, our application development processes follow. We offer a certified quality standard for individual applications and support the customer throughout the vehicle certification process for successful software certification according to ISO 26262," says Janosch Fauster, Director of TTControl's Application Development Center.



Janosch Fauster, Director Application Development Center TTControl

"Functional safety has always been part of our service. While our customers are working on their latest innovative product, we support them in achieving the required safety goals and getting their product on the road in compliance with international and European standards”.

5,000+ hours for ISO compliant process

Setting up an ISO 26262-compliant process can cost a vehicle manufacturer more than 5,000 hours in time and financial investment in external consultants. Seamless process integration also requires hands-on experience and fine-tuning over many years. Subsequent discussions about process details with notified bodies during a project can lead to further delays and redesigns.


TTControl's now-certified software development process helps vehicle manufacturers accelerate the certification process and reduce its complexity. TÜV Nord has certified approximately 35 internal procedures at TTControl for compliance with ISO 26262:2018 for vehicles of more than 3.5 tons. The certified process has already been successfully applied in practice by TTControl's in-house Application Development Center. The experts have helped optimize the safety certification of Rosenbauer's latest firefighting vehicle, the Rosenbauer RT, and ensure the functional safety of the complex hybrid-electric vehicle architecture.

Find out more about TTControl's Application Development Center here.

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