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TTConnect Wave

TTConnect Wave is a high performance, ruggedized IoT gateway designed and manufactured to connect your vehicle or machine to the cloud via wireless or cellular interfaces.

TTConnect Wave high-res image
TTConnect 616

TTConnect 616 is an advanced connectivity platform that combines and manages all in-vehicle interfaces such as CAN-FD, Flexray, LIN and Ethernet.

TTConnect 616 high-res image
TTC 2300 Family

The TTC 2300 family includes mid-sized control units for smart mobile machines that are functional, safety-certified, enable high performance, and support faster development cycles.

TTC 2300 Family high-res image
TTC 500 Family

TTC 500 is available in the variants TTC 508, TTC 510, TTC 540, TTC 580 and TTC 590 with different I/O sets and interfaces to meet the different requirements of the OEMs.

TTC 500 Family high-res image
TTC 30X Family

This family of I/O modules includes four different variants corresponding to the different demands regarding I/Os for mobile applications.

TTC 30X Family high-res image
TTC 90

The TTC 94 is the top-level electronic control unit of the TTC 50 controller family and the TTC 90 is a version of this ECU with 2 instead of 4 channels.

TTC 90 high-res image
Vision 3

Vision 3 is our third rugged operator interface generation, available as a single core processor variant and as an advanced Plus variant with 4-Core-CPU and an enhanced set of interfaces.

Vision 3 high-res image
eVision² 7.0

TTControl’s eVision² 7.0 is the smaller 7-inch version of our family of highly robust operator interfaces for the off-highway and mobile machinery market.

eVision² 7.0 with Display high-res image
eVision² 10.4

The eVision² 10.4 is a highly robust HMI with a large 10.4-inch touchscreen offering all features and benefits of the eVision² family of operator interfaces.

eVision² 10.4 with Display high-res image