TTControl Instruments Prinoth’s Leitwolf – A New Generation of Snow Groomers is Born

July 02, 2002

TTControl and Prinoth by Leitner Snow (formerly Leitner) continue their successful cooperation by equipping Prinoth’s new top-of-the-line “Leitwolf” snow groomer. The Leitwolf is Prinoth’s high-performance model, combining a futuristic look and modern know-how. For reasons of safety and economy, this highly maneuverable snow groomer is equipped with an advanced control system by TTControl.

The Leitwolf heralds the beginning of a new generation of snow groomers. Thanks to numerous technical innovations, it provides outstanding performance, safety, and an extraordinary driving experience. At the heart of the Leitwolf beats a MAN 320 kW diesel engine with superior torque output and low fuel consumption. Tracks are made of steel/aluminium belts with spikes to ensure excellent climbing and driving properties. The advanced hydro-pneumatic suspension reduces vibration for improved driving comfort. Extremely light trellis tubing withstands extreme levels of stress and strain. TTControl’s unique electronic control system ensures the utmost safety and extra comfort for the driver.

“TTControl’s distributed electronics support a very high level of flexibility in our vehicles,” states Martin Runggaldier, Head of Engineering at Prinoth. “As a result, we were able to optimize mechanical functions by combining them with electronic control. Furthermore, we could implement functions that would not have been possible with purely mechanical solutions. With our new Leitwolf model, we have definitely taken a major step onward into the future of snow groomer technology.”

The highly developed control system of the Leitwolf has powerful computational capabilities and responds to all tasks immediately. The system contains three electronic control units, a drive control unit, a display, two keyboards, and a joystick. The latter controls several complex functions of the vehicle, including the sprocket, the chassis electronics, and steering of the rake blade. The central color display views all gauges and is equipped with a changeover switch. The main commands are entered on the keyboards. The ergonomically perfect joystick simplifies the blade and drives operations. Redundancy of the electronic components and computer diagnostics ensures maximum safety.

“Prinoth uses state-of-the-art technology in its product development activities. We are proud to cooperate with one of the leading manufacturers of snow groomers,” comments Federico Giudiceandrea, Managing Director of TTControl. “Snow groomers are technically demanding vehicles with very complex control functions. It was an interesting challenge for us to equip the Leitwolf with our systems and we are glad about the chance to prove our experience and know-how in the field of special vehicle electronics,” states Roberto Ferrari, Technical Manager of TTControl. Both companies plan to continue their cooperation and to bring other advanced products to market.