TTControl Introduces TTC 100 Controller

April 20, 2006

TTControl – TTTech Off-Highway, the supplier of electronic control systems for off-highway vehicles, has introduced the TTC 100, a new member of the hardware family. TTC 100 is a programmable electronic control unit for sensor/actuator management in vehicle control systems.

TTC 100 is a cost-effective device that can be used as a stand-alone solution or as part of a networked system. It is especially effective in advanced safety-relevant applications. TTC 100 fulfills all technical requirements for advanced automotive electronics in the off-highway domain. This includes agricultural and construction machinery, all of which function in harsh environments and at extreme operating temperatures.

All TTC 100 inputs and outputs are freely programmable. Moreover, they are protected against electrical surges and short circuits. CAN, RS-232 and LIN / TTP/A / ISO-K is available for serial communication. Proportional hydraulic components are particularly important in the off-highway vehicle domain. These can be controlled by PWM outputs with internal power measuring, or outputs for hydraulic valves with integrated power stages.

TTC 100 was designed to comply with the IEC 61508 international standard. The stand-alone version and the network version fulfill the requirements of SIL 2 (Safety Integrity Level 2). This allows TTC 100 to be used for control of vehicle functions that require high levels of safety and reliability.

A broad range of tools is available to program TTC 100. At the basic level, it may be programmed in C. In addition, a TTPMatlink library and an I/O library are available to enable programming in MATLAB®/Simulink®.

CoDeSys, which is one of the most common IEC 61131-3 programming systems that runs under Microsoft Windows®, is also available for programming the TTC 100. Several editors are supported, including the Instruction List Editor, the Sequential Function Chart Editor and the Function Block Diagram Editor. CoDeSys produces native machine code for the main processor of TTC 100. CoDeSys combines the power of familiar programming languages, such as C and Pascal, with the easy handling and operational functions of PLC programming systems.