TTControl Joins CoDeSys Automation Alliance

May 03, 2006

TTControl – TTTech Off-Highway, a supplier of electronic control systems for off-highway vehicles, has joined the CoDeSys Automation Alliance, a cooperative organization of hardware companies and 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH whose mission is the development and advancement of programming standards for industrial control units. TTControl’s intelligent hardware can now be programmed with the CoDeSys development system, one of the most popular IEC 61131-3 programming tools for PLCs and industrial controllers.

For programming control functions and for configuring displays and control panels, TTControl’s customers now benefit from the CoDeSys support for TTControl’s visualization units. Users can now choose between C programming, automatic software generation out of standardized modeling environments such as MATLAB®/Simulink® and CoDeSys which offers new ways for code generation and ECU configuration.

The CoDeSys programming tool allows the design of control functions that comply with IEC 61131-3 standard. In addition, CoDeSys offers editors for programming instruction lists, sequential and continuous function charts, function block, structured text and ladder diagrams. By using CoDeSys, programming is simplified substantially. The CoDeSys software package is well established and tested and it is easy to change and adapt control functions.

CoDeSys includes an integrated editor for design of the human-machine interface that runs on the display. The combination of design facilities and control code development facilities means that users can program their control functions and create their human-machine interfaces in parallel.

CoDeSys programming is furthermore offered for I/O control with TTControl ECUs for sensor/actuator management. CoDeSys guarantees the optimal use of the TTControl system by supplying developers with a broad range of high-performance system development functionalities including almost all data types specified in the IEC 61131-3 standard, as well as offline simulation and powerful online functions.