TTControl Offers Vision Product Family

June 27, 2007

TTControl – TTTech Off-Highway, the specialist in electronic control systems for off-highway vehicles, has introduced the Vision product family for off-highway cockpit visualization. The Vision and VisionPlus control units provide improved reliability for mobile applications as well as cost-efficient options for programming electronic control units.

Electronic control systems in off-highway vehicles need to operate under extremely harsh conditions. Stress due to shock, dirt, dampness and supply voltage fluctuation can compromise the reliability of operation.

The Vision product family is designed specifically for use in vehicles and machines that run in harsh environments and at extreme operating temperatures of -40 °C to +70 °C. Its robust injection-molded aluminium housing protects against electromagnetic disturbance and mechanical stress. Vision and VisionPlus offer powerful electronic solutions for off-highway cockpit visualization.

Both control units can connect with CAN and TTP® (Time-Triggered Protocol) networks. TTP is particularly appropriate for networks with demanding safety, reliability and availability requirements. Because of its compatibility with CAN and TTP, the Vision product family is well suited for use in complex networked safety-critical systems.

Vision and VisionPlus can drive a variety of LCDs that are easily visible, day or night. The visualization for the displays can be programmed in C, CoDeSys® or with VAPS®. A variety of prefabricated elements such as bar charts and menu blocks can easily be integrated with the application, providing great flexibility. In addition, elements may be imported from standard tools such as Adobe® Illustrator®, Adobe® Photoshop® and Corel DRAW®.

VisionPlus features a variety of digital I/Os. There are 26 digital inputs and 24 digital outputs for controlling switches and lamps in cockpits. The Vision control unit is a cost-efficient alternative that is offered without I/Os. Both units are equipped with an analog RGB interface and, for display control over longer distances, a digital LVDS interface.