TTTech and MiCROTEC Announce Foundation of JV Company TTControl

Vienna, Austria/Bressanone, Brixen, February 19, 2001 – TTTech – Time-Triggered Technology and MiCROTEC today announced the foundation of its joint venture company TTControl GmbH. TTControl, based in Bressanone/Italy, develops and markets intelligent electronic control systems for special vehicles. This joint venture, TTControl, will play a decisive role in making the innovative TTP® (Time-Triggered Protocol) the communication solution of choice for a number of advanced control applications in special vehicles (agricultural machinery, construction machinery, forestry machinery, cranes etc.).

TTP – Time-Triggered Protocol

The highly advanced TTP system is a communication architecture for distributed real-time embedded computer systems. Such distributed embedded computer systems are used to control an increasing number of applications in the special vehicle industry.

In the last years, the “digital revolution” has also entered this traditional market segment, from intelligent sensors, to purely electronically controlled braking and steering systems, to the integration of the internet, satellite, and mobile telephone networks. It is assumed that a large number of the upcoming innovations in special vehicles will occur in electronics. TTP-based components are designed to ease testing and integration, leading to increased customer satisfaction and lower total life-cycle cost.

TTTech has been active for several years in the automotive and the aerospace industry. Leading manufacturers and suppliers in Europe, the U.S., and Japan are already developing TTP-based silicon implementations for “x-by-wire” systems, like brake-by-wire or steer-by-wire.

MiCROTEC has successfully marketed ALC (Automotive Logic Control) for more than ten years and has brought a number of customers into the joint venture company TTControl. TTControl’s new TTP-based control system is already in series development stage and incorporates the market experience of MiCROTEC.

This new generation of TTP-based automotive logic control is a highly reliable control solution that combines the market experience of MiCROTEC with the technology expertise of TTTech. With this new control solution from TTControl, special vehicle manufacturers can provide higher levels of both safety and availability and additional performance at lower cost.

“Our customers will receive a complete and integrated solution for their control problems from TTControl and TTTech, the global technology leader. With this new product, TTControl can address the whole market of control systems for special vehicles such as agricultural machinery, construction machinery, forestry machinery or cranes with a one control solution,” commented Dr. Fritz Giudiceandrea, cofounder of MiCROTEC GmbH. The designated managing director of TTControl continued: “Since making our first presentations in the market, we have received extremely positive feedback and have thus decided to set up a new company with TTTech. With TTP from TTTech and the long automotive experience of MiCROTEC, TTControl will be a very interesting partner for the industry.”

“This is another important step for our fast growing company TTTech,” added Georg Kopetz, co-founder of TTTech and responsible for the joint venture. “We are extremely satisfied to have found such a strong partner in MiCROTEC with an impressive technical and market experience. As TTP is becoming a de-facto standard in the automotive and aerospace industry, special vehicle manufacturers may now also earn the competitive advantages of TTP when working with TTControl.”