The Future of Steering – TTA-Group Members Deepen Work on Steer-by-Wire for Mobile Machinery

TTControl and other market leaders from the off-highway and special vehicle industries have joined forces in the Steer-by-Wire Working Group of the TTA-Group consortium, a cross-industry community for technical and market development of safety-related architectures and time-triggered networks. The main objective of this collaboration is the cost-efficient realization of a steer-by-wire system approach compliant with EN ISO 13849.

Steer-by-Wire is the most promising steering technique for the future. Compared to traditional mechanic techniques, steer-by-wire offers major advantages. The traditional steering column is replaced by electronic connections between the steering wheel and steered wheels. This leads to improvement of comfort and safety. Steer-by-wire technology has been successfully introduced for off-highway and special purpose vehicles, but common development standards are still to be determined.

Manufacturers and suppliers of the off-highway and special vehicle industry and TÜV NORD as a supervising organization combine their know-how and experiences to implement a cost-efficient steer-by-wire system. “Instead of working independently on innovative solutions, we take advantage of the synergy of the know-how of several companies,” Dr. Markus Plankensteiner, TTA-Group coordinator explains. “We avoid double development efforts and costs by exchanging our expertise, so we can achieve a much more effective progress in research and development for steer-by-wire systems and create a common standard.”

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