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Covision Lab will bolster elevating mobile machinery to a new level of autonomy and make vehicles safer

TTControl opened together with six multinational partners the computer vision and AI-focused research and applications center Covision Lab. Located in Bressanone, Italy, Covision Lab will bundle their founding partners' and the involved universities’ R&D resources and translate latest research into applicable technology.

“With some of Europe's technology leaders, we are institutionalizing our intense development efforts to create a competitive advantage for off-highway machine manufacturers”, says Roberto Ferrari, Vice President Service & Operations of TTControl. “To reach the next productivity level for end customers and significantly increase efficiency, new concepts and technologies are crucial. With Covision Lab as a driver of innovation, we will help to prepare our customers for the shift of mobile machinery to a new level of autonomy and make vehicles safer.”

TTControl will participate through its development teams in Bressanone. They aim to develop new applications for mobile machinery. Harvesters, excavators and lifting platforms will increasingly operate automated and will rely far less on personnel skills. Advanced assistance systems will facilitate operator-independency: for example, in the form of precision farming with advanced crop-row detection or exact motion control. Surround-view for vehicle operators will prevent injuries to people and damages to machines. Enabler of these developments are a reliable sensor fusion and the real-time processing of complex camera and image data by high-performance electronic control units (ECUs).

Read more about Covision Lab in our press release and the Covison Lab website.

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