TTC 500 SIL 2 – Safety Programming in CODESYS V3

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This seminar is intended for manufacturers who want to integrate TTControl’s TTC 500 family devices into their safety system. The focus of this seminar is basic programming of the TTC 500 family devices using CODESYS and a SIL 2 plugin.


  • Understanding the hardware characteristics of TTControl’s TTC 500 family controller
  • Understanding how to develop applications using CODESYS
  • Understanding the safety concept of TTC 500 family devices
  • Understanding how to use a SIL 2 plugin in CODESYS


  • Knowledge of controller basics
  • Knowledge of CODESYS or C
  • Basic knowledge in functional safety


  • Characteristics of inputs and outputs of the controller
  • Communication interfaces of the controller
  • Differences between specific controller variants
  • Safety concept of the controller
  • Installing the programming environment
  • Use of inputs, outputs, and communication channels within the programming environment
  • Download and debug applications


  • One day (approx. two hours of theory plus approx. five hours of programming)

Training Code

  • TTC_CD500S_01

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