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Our Competencies


Efficient management by globally distributed teams


Experts for ECUs, HMIs and connectivity, covering the entire TTControl product portfolio


Processes for safety-certified and efficient software development


Know-how in functional safety, security, complex software design and system architecture


More than 20 years of cross-industry market experience

Customer Benefits

Innovative machine functions are often a result of the perfect interaction between mechanics, hydraulics and software. With strong system know-how and its software engineering expertise, TTControl creates application software that enables new machine functionality and integrates seamlessly with the mechanical and hydraulic systems.

With its extensive functional safety competencies, TTControl ensures mobile machinery development based on the latest safety standards. TTControl’s Application Development Center works regularly with different B-type standards like ISO 13849, and also supports customers with the application of specific C-type standards like EN 280 or EN 1501.

A state-of-the-art control system for an aerial platform requires more than 100,000 lines of code, which, additionally, need to be maintained and expanded for many years in successful projects.

TTControl has the right software infrastructure to host such applications and the experienced software architects to create modular and maintainable code. For every project at least two engineers are involved to ensure high code quality via peer review, and to foster knowledge-sharing within the company in order to create a robust foundation for providing continuous and long-term service to our customers.

TTControl’s software developers can rely on a robust toolchain for their daily work. This includes version management, bug tracking, requirement tracking, static code analysis and automated testing.

By working in larger teams, the engineers can continuously exchange ideas and improve their work. They participate at TTTech Group’s education program TTTech Academy, where their skills are being actively trained and enhanced.

TTControl, as part of the TTTech Group with more than 2,200 employees including a high number of software engineers, is in the unique position of having standardized access to such services as state-of-the-art toolchains and internal training centers.

TTControl’s Application Development Center offers a dedicated team for emerging technologies. By uniting the right talents and competences, the ADC provides services in computer vision applications and autonomous operations solutions.

With the Application Development Center, TTControl supports both traditional and agile development methodologies to give its customer full flexibility to innovate their products.

User interfaces constantly change – be it driven by the consumer market, by end-users demanding new features or by manufacturers making use of additional optimization potential. Through the Application Development Center, TTControl supports expanding and improving application software over the entire product life cycle.

TTControl understands the need for software modularity. By enabling its reuse beyond single projects, one codebase can be used to cover many different machine variants with hundreds of configurations.

TTControl, an ISO 9001 certified company with a history of developing functional safe software, unites extensive knowledge to comply with functional safety and quality standards throughout the entire development process.

Our Experience in Functionality and Technology

TTControl’s Application Development Center supports mobile machine manufacturers with software for a variety of applications: from UI/UX on HMIs, to hydraulic controls in hydrostatic drives and dynamic systems like suspensions or work hydraulics.

We offer more than 20 years of experience in functional safety. Thousands of machines around the world run with safe software developed by TTControl: hydrostatic drives, waste compaction, automatic leveling, emergency stops and two-hand controls are just some of the supported functions.

Distributed control units using Ethernet or CAN allow modular and flexible, yet safe software solutions thanks to challenging load scenarios and a familiarity with a multitude of high-level protocols, such as CANopen, J1939 or ISOBUS.

TTControl’s Application Development Center has the right tools for the job. We support our customers with PLC-languages like CODESYS on more straightforward automation tasks; with C for more intricate algorithms; object-oriented design with C++ for large, often OS-based applications; and with Qt for HMIs or Simulink for modelling complex control loops.

Moving from traditional sensors, such as pressure, position or inclination sensors, to camera-based systems allows users to create new functionalities and added value for many mobile machinery use cases.

Dampening vibrations, taming unwanted feedback loops, improving reaction times of actuators while keeping the translations and rotations of the mechanical parts fluid and precise.

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