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Introducing MATCH: Your certified solution for advanced control software in mobile machinery

TTControl announces an even tighter integration of their product lines with HYDAC Software’s MATCH software suite

Vienna, November 3, 2023. – TTControl, a joint venture of HYDAC International and TTTech, is a leader in high-performance control systems. The company is pleased to announce that it will now be offering the renowned MATCH software developed by HYDAC Software directly to its customers. This strategic move marks a significant step in enhancing the efficiency and performance of off-highway vehicles, guarantees future-proof control systems and unlocks the full potential of TTControl’s new multi-core TTC 2000 ECU series.

Machine manufacturers today are facing complex challenges: While market dynamics call for faster development and a shorter time to market, mobile machinery has to meet extensive safety standards that apply not only to individual components but to all safety-relevant functions for machine control systems. The additional expenses caused by this cannot simply be shifted to the customers by increasing the machinery prices. 

This is where the “Machine Application Tool Chain – MATCH” comes in. The software suite is TÜV-certified according to IEC 61508, ISO 13849, ISO 25119, ISO 19014, ISO 26262 and was designed to revolutionize the development and maintenance of control software for mobile machinery. The cutting-edge platform offers seamless solutions spanning the entire machine lifecycle, accelerates the realization of important safety functions and offers an optimal basis for simulation and diagnosis. With MATCH, machine manufacturers have the ability to swiftly develop and realize new applications for complex vehicle or machine controls. Additionally, they can efficiently redesign existing machinery, machine components and functions, while maintaining consistent data and functional safety aspects. This way, safety-related applications can be developed according to the V-model with time savings of 50 % and more.


TTControl Markus Plankensteiner Vice President Sales Web

“Directly offering the MATCH Software by HYDAC to our customers marks a significant milestone in our journey to provide unique solutions that drive efficiency and excellence. With this revolutionary software suite, our current options, such as C, Codesys and MATLAB, are greatly expanded," says Markus Plankensteiner, Head of Sales & Marketing at TTControl. "We recognize the needs of industries today and believe that MATCH will empower machine manufacturers to take full control of their operations, make informed decisions, and elevate their overall performance."


Erik Lautner

“We are looking forward to continuing and further enhancing our successful cooperation with TTControl”, emphasizes Erik Lautner, Managing Director of HYDAC Software. “This partnership brings a substantial experience to the market that will benefit all of our customers.”

If you want to learn more about MATCH, visit us here.



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