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TP470 von Aebi Schmidt im Einsatz
How complex machines can be easily controlled with visualization
TTControl has recently received ISO 26262 certification from TÜV Nord for its software development processes. Vehicles using application software developed by TTControl thus meet the process requirements for a high level of road safety up to Automotive Safety Integrity Level D (ASIL D). Vehicle manufacturers, therefore, have to invest significantly less time and effort in the certification process for mobile machinery.
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Formula racing is the ultimate test of teamwork and technological excellence. A group of aspiring engineers and other professionals is currently working on an electric race car to excel in this discipline - TTControl technology is part of it.
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This article has been published first on ATZheavy duty worldwide By Arno Purkrabek, Team Lead Product Management at TTControl
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Robotics and computer vision are helping to shape the future of off-road equipment towards autonomy This article was first published in the iVT Magazine, Annual Review 2021
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First high-performance off-highway ECU family certified for road use under ISO 26262 by TTControl
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Testing and validation processes typically account for 20 to 30 percent of development costs. The certification of TTControl's off-the-shelf electronic control units reduces these costs and enables faster time to market. The ISO 26262:2018 certification allows the use of the electronic controllers designed for rough operating conditions in road vehicle electrical and electronic (E/E) systems.
Off-road haulage in rough Australian environment
Australian-based haulage truck company Loadpro has more than 25 years of experience in developing “off-road” haulage trucks. Loadpro’s latest model is called X60. It is suitable for extended hauls and in applications where highway trucks and articulated trucks are not suited for. It is an attractive solution as it reduces cost and increases production in parallel. The X60 has significant benefits across various haulage applications in the mining, construction, oil and gas industries.
From the car to the fully automated harvester, the CAN bus is the predominant communication technology in the mobile sector. Today, the increasing degree of automation requires more and more bandwidth. When it comes to the automation of safety-relevant functions, requirements like functional safety, hard real-time behaviour and expanded diagnostic capabilities show the limits of existing networking solutions.
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