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Vision 3 Family Overview

Enhance Human Machine Interaction

The new rugged operator interface Vision 3 is designed for use in complex vehicle architectures and assists the operator with optimized user experience and data visualization. Intuitive user interaction and high-performance electronics allow for handling complex machinery tasks, while enabling maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Get to know the members of the Vision 3 Series:

  • Vision 305
  • Vision 307
  • Vision 312

Rugged Operator Interfaces in the Off-Highway Market

The off-highway industry shifts towards more automation of mobile machinery that smartly assists the operator rather than being operated as a simple tool. In order to complement the operator, machines need a better understanding of their working environment and must facilitate user interaction.

Modern mobile machinery therefore requires increasing numbers of cameras and sensors as well as higher bandwidth and more processing power.

At the Center of Vehicle Architecture

Our third rugged operator interface generation Vision 3 is designed to be the center of a complex machinery system architecture, offering an extensive set of interfaces and suiting a multitude of use cases.
The ever-increasing number of sensors collect more and more data, which must be processed so that the information can be intuitively presented to the operator. Not only do the cameras and sensors connected to the machine provide information about the machine’s surroundings, but sensor data coming from the environment itself will also be visualized for the operator.



Key Benefits

TTControl’s Vision 3 display generation combines modern off-highway machinery architecture and operator comfort:

Vision 3 offers an intuitive user experience and helps avoiding stress and fatigue of the operator. By individually configuring the amount of data displayed to the operator, he is faced with relevant data only, preventing sensory overload.

With high-performance electronics and an enhanced set of interfaces, Vision 3 is the perfect fit for complex vehicle architectures providing the conditions for automation of mobile machinery.

Operator comfort and usability allows for higher efficiency and flexibility, resulting in lower operating costs.

TTControl’s robust HMI withstand dust and water ingress as well as extreme temperature, shocks and vibrations.

Key Features

  • High computational and graphical multimedia processing power
  • Excellent sunlight readability due to optical bonding and high brightness
  • Displaying four camera streams simultaneously
  • CAN, ISOBUS and Ethernet (Standard or Automotive BroadR-Reach) interfaces
  • Integrated loudspeaker
  • Fast boot-up time and sleep mode
  • Linux platform for C/C++ (e.g. Qt) or CODESYS® programming
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