TTConnect Cloud Service and IoT solutions offer connectivity technology to manage and monitor mobile machinery

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Connect and manage your mobile machinery

TTConnect Cloud Service and IoT solutions offer a connectivity technology enabling manufacturers of mobile machinery to monitor and manage all their vehicles around the world at any time with any web-enabled device – with only one off-the-shelf solution. The offering includes a hardware unit named TTConnect Wave (IoT gateway), a M2M SIM card as well as a cloud service platform and a web portal.

TTControl Connectivity Brochure

IoT in the Off-Highway market

Today, the increasing requirements regarding control, productivity and efficiency demand for new solutions in the Off-Highway market. The Internet of Things (IoT) and related mobile machinery telematic systems allow manufacturers of mobile machinery and fleet owners as well as vehicle rental companies to utilize their machinery and equipment more efficiently. They gain a better understanding of how their vehicles are used by the operator and benefit from continuous system monitoring and diagnostics. TTControl’s connectivity offering is designed to combine all these advantages.

Use Cases


Through access to vehicle data, manufacturers of agricultural vehicles – such as harvesters, balers or sprayers – can troubleshoot any failure in a short time. Also, data access allows to reduce downtime of machines and lowers the costs for local support engineers during the warranty period. By analyzing the data collected by sensors via the in-vehicle CAN interfaces, manufacturers of agricultural machinery and accessorial equipment can anticipate the operator needs and consider them for the development of upcoming generations of the vehicle architecture.


Regulate the hydraulic systems of your excavators, wheel loaders or rollers by setting yellow and red zones in the operational mode. This allows for avoiding over-usage and misusage of the machinery and lowers the mechanical stress of valves, pumps or motors. Also, it results in a lower failure rate (due to a shortening of downtime and costs) and increases the productivity of the construction machinery. Predictive maintenance is achieved through the analysis of real usage of the machinery and will support you in case of warranty issues.


TTConnect Cloud Service allows you to monitor the exact location and positioning of your municipal machinery such as garbage trucks or road sweepers. This provides you with a better understanding of vehicle distribution improving the optimization phase of route planning and resulting in shorter distances and therefore less fuel consumption. Communities and municipalities are often faced with the challenge of balancing their limited budgets. The long-term optimization of their garbage truck fleets and finding ideal routes supports the responsible fleet manager in his daily work.

Material Handling

Setting a specific geofencing zone controls your lifting platforms and prevents your machinery from theft. TTConnect Cloud Service allows you to monitor the location of your vehicle in a building or in the restricted area of a construction site. In case the monitored vehicle leaves the defined geofencing zone, the system automatically generates an alert in the web portal and sends an email or SMS to the vehicle owner.

Key Benefits

TTConnect Cloud Service unlocks the benefits of digitalization in the Off-Highway market. Complete machine management and data analysis allow for substantial operational cost savings.


Increase overall machine efficiency and productivity


Optimize vehicle maintenance costs

Fuel consumption

Reduce fuel consumption of entire fleets

Machine security

Improve machine security by theft protection

Benefits per customer group

    • Troubleshooting and diagnostics during the development phase
    • Study of behaviour patterns
    • Clarification of warranty affairs
    • Vehicle localization
    • Predictive Maintenance and preventive maintenance
    • Alerts and alarms
    • Vehicle localization


Create more value by analyzing your data

Our connectivity solution TTConnect Cloud Service including our ruggedized IoT gateway TTConnect Wave (1) can be integrated seamlessly into existing electronic architectures of mobile machines, enabling remote access to all data available on the vehicle’s CAN busses. (2)

The gateway collects data and redirects them to the TTConnect Cloud (3). The TTConnect Cloud can be accessed via the web portal (4) from any web-enabled device (5), allowing the user to visualize and analyze all collected data.

TTConnect Cloud Service offers customers an end-to-end solution allowing for a deep insight into vehicle data such as engine speed, load or GPS positions which are transferred to the cloud and accessed via the web portal. (6)

Thanks to the IoT gateway scheduled software upgrades of electronic control units are configurable in the web portal by grouping vehicles with multiple criteria (i.e. machine type, machine model, geographical area, etc.). (7)