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TTC 2000 Series

Designed for the next generation of off-highway machinery

The upcoming TTC 2000 series consists of complete sets of compatible ECU families with different processing power, scalable for advanced and automated off-highway applications. All ECU families share the same modular hardware and software building blocks. This provides machine manufacturers with great flexibility when selecting ECUs for various machine sizes and generations. Due to its compatibility, one ECU can be easily replaced or extended by another ECU with only minor adaptations to the application code and test cases.

TTC 2000 Series

A central component of the whole TTC 2000 series is the second generation of the Infineon AURIX™ CPU. Furthermore, common tools such as compilers and debuggers, as well as common connectors, are used for the whole TTC 2000 series.

The synergies that the TTC 2000 series create in terms of vehicle application development, testing, and verification help to reduce development time and shorten time-to-market.

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