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Increase Cost and Time Efficiency

The intelligent I/O device modules TTC 36X and TTC 48X can be used in combination with, and controlled by a controller electronic control unit. The controller control unit can be located at an entirely different place in the vehicle and communicates with the device module via the standardized CANopen protocol.

One or more TTC 36X or TTC 48X can be used in addition to the controller control unit in a modular way. This distributed architecture makes the design and assembly of different vehicle variants possible and more cost and time effective. In addition cabling is simplified and more economic.

TTC 36X and TTC 48X are delivered with a ready-to-run software. The application has to be implemented for the controller only and interfaces with the device module via CANopen. This makes the setup user friendly and saves development time.

Local current control on the PWM outputs of the TTC 36X and TTC 48X allow efficient control loops on the device module. The dither frequency for the valves can also be individually configured.

Key Benefits

  • Easy integration and usage
  • CANopen compliant
  • Automotive style housing suited for rough operating conditions
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