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Bulmor and its telematics solution
The Evolution of Mobile Machine Buying Beyond Quality In today's market, the acquisition of mobile machines is no longer just about high quality or individual machine functions. The modern buyer seeks a comprehensive digital package that promises a gain in efficiency alongside top-notch performance. 
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Introducing MATCH: Your certified solution for advanced control software in mobile machinery
IoT gateways and cloud management platforms with plug-and-play functionality connect mobile machines easily
Integrating a telematics solution into a mobile machine has always been a challenge. The reasons seem obvious: it’s difficult and complex to choose the right cloud technology and gateway device as well as a connectivity solution that works everywhere. Especially if you want to keep costs under control and risks low.
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TTControl arranged a virtual product launch event to present the TTC 2300 family, its latest generation of electronic control units (ECUs) for vehicle manufacturers. This now available ECU family is the first member of TTControl’s complete and scalable TTC 2000 series designed to meet the needs of automated and smart off-highway vehicles and mobile machines.
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Each year, the State of the Industry by OEM Off Highway evaluates key trends and technologies in the heavy equipment industries. The industry source looks at current and future market conditions, as well as regulations that are currently impacting or could impact how the industry develops its equipment in the coming years.
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In the past, farmers and contractors with a diverse fleet and implement pool from various manufacturers were not able to bundle machinery data on a single platform. This was solved by the agrirouter cross-manufacturer solution. Data can be easily exchanged between machinery and implements and agricultural software tools.
With their cooperation A1, A1 Digital and TTControl enable the connection of mobile machinery with the cloud, so operators and machine manufacturers can use machine data in real-time.
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TTControl is launching an end-to-end solution to connect mobile machines via a cloud platform to the customer.
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TTControl Successfully Completed Safety Certification of Safety I/O Modules May 05, 2015. TTControl, a joint-venture company of TTTech and HYDAC International specializing in robust and flexible control
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