Safety Certified Controllers

  • TTC 2300 Family

    The TTC 2300 family includes mid-sized control units for smart mobile machines that are functional, safety-certified, enable high performance, and support faster development cycles.

  • TTC 500 family

    The HY-TTC 500 family consists of high-end safety control units designed to satisfy upcoming needs for a wide range of high-end applications like construction and agricultural machines.

  • HY-TTC 94

    HY-TTC 94 is the top-level electronic control unit of the HY-TTC 50 controller family, offering enhanced flexibility and safety.

  • HY-TTC 30S / 32S

    The HY-TTC 30S and HY-TTC 32S controllers are the safety certified variants of HY-TTC 30 and HY-TTC 32.